The Texas Academy of Science was first founded by University Professors as the Academy of Science in Texas in 1880. The organization as we know it now emerged around 1929 and included a physicist, a botanist, a mathematician and two biologists as its founding members. TAS publishes a peer-reviewed journal (The Texas Journal of Science since 1949), conducts an annual meeting that highlights research across 17 sections across the sciences, provides substantial funding opportunities for students (~$25,000 awarded annually) and facilitates expert testimony on policy issues related to STEM and science education.



 Texas Academy of Science

Historian, Raymond Mathews


We offer annual student awards for posters, presentations, as well as research awards to fund student research. 


Annual Meetings are held at different universities around the state. 


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 The Texas Junior Academy of Science (TJAS) is an annual meeting and science competition for high school students (grades 9-12) from across the state


The Texas Journal of Science is a publication of The Texas Academy of Science whose goal  is the dissemination of research results and scientific information to the community.