TAS Sections (Disciplines)

The Texas Academy of Sciences strives to serve all disciplines of science in Texas.  As of June 2015, we currently have 17 different sections to facilitate interactions of persons with similar interests.  Each section traditionally has elected a chairperson and co-chair to reviews abstracts and organize sessions for the annual meeting.   While some sections have a long history with TAS, the Board of Directors acknowledges that modern sciences often cross disciplinary boundaries and encourages members to support multiple sections.  Discussions continue at the BoD meetings about how to optimize section structure, encourage activities and strengthen the impact of TAS.  If you have ideas, please share them with [email protected]

Active Sections of TAS:

  1. Anthropology
  2. Biomedical Sciences
  3. Cell and Molecular Biology
  4. Chemistry and Biochemistry
  5. Conservation Ecology
  6. Freshwater Science
  7. Geosciences
  8. Marine Science
  9. Mathematics and Computer Science
  10. Neuroscience
  11. Plant Biology
  12. Physics and Engineering
  13. Science Education
  14. Systematics and Evolutionary Biology
  15. Terrestrial Ecology and Management