Texas Academy of Science Call for Nominations to the Board of Directors

With this notice, we are requesting nominations for four vacancies on the TAS Board of Directors. We need members willing to serve as Vice President, 2023-2026 Academic Director, 2023-2026 Non-Academic Director and 2023-2025 Student Director.  As you know, the Academy is completely operated by its members.  TAS belongs to you!  As such, please consider colleagues you think would do a great job serving in one of these important roles. Self-nominations are welcome. 

Please send your nominations by email to [email protected] by no later than January 15, 2023.  A complete nomination should include, the name, position, contact information, and a short biography for the nominee.  It should also include a short letter of nomination from you. Consider the following when choosing someone to nominate

Vice President

  • Can be from an academic or non-academic institution
  • Automatically moves to President-Elect, to President, then finally to Immediate-Past-President
  • Duties include
    • Member of the Executive Committee
    • Chairperson of the Honors and Awards Committee
    • Performs any other Academy duties the President may designate

Academic and Non-Academic Directors

  • Academic Director from an academic institution, Non-Academic Director from a non-academic institution
  • Duties include
    • Familiarize themselves with the structure and function of the Academy
    • Attend Board Meetings
    • Oversee the Academy to ensure that:
    • Procedures outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws are followed
    • The Academy functions within its income.
      • Performs any other Academy duties the President may designate

Student Director

  • One Student Director position is open.
  • Represents student interests at Board Meetings